Welcome to Dog´s Ville

Dog´s Ville is our dream coming true.
From the most beginning we want your dog to feel home and you to feel safe.

This place is projected and enriched to socialize, educate and entertain your dog.

Every detail has been thought and studied to have the best function for your dog and his daily activities.

We stimulate the dogs from their instincts until the most modern society and we will always respect each personality.

The behavior of the dogs is a reflex of their lives and we believe that happy dogs are happy owners.

Dog´s Ville is a place where your dog will be able to play, exercise, and socialize with other dogs.
Here he will never be alone and sad.
Here is the place where you can go to work knowing your dog is in good hands.

Our mission: Give the dogs happy and healthy moments while the owner is away. We will provide this with socialization between the dogs, exercises, companionship, playing time and especially with a lot of love.

Our vision: Be a reference place for dogs while being admired for the responsibility, creativity and for how it conducts the relationship between the dogs and the owners.

Our statements: Dog´s Ville understand that dogs are part of our society and we want the dog/human relationship to be the best. By this we work hard in pro of the wellbeing and happiness of dogs and owners.