Our Infrastructure...

The old Genarp´s fire station house is now the house for your dogs!

We have over 400m2 in-between open and closed spaces specially planned for the dogs!

Here you will find:


Here is where you say goodbye to your furry friend every morning and meet him back at go home time.

Safe zone:

A place where the dog disconnects from the outside worlds and connects to Dog´s Ville, planned so the dog get less anxious in the way in and out.

ROOM 1: Welcome room

A room between the main entrance and the lounge room, where your dog will meet the first dogs and be introduced to the group. With safety and no stress.

ROOM 2: Time to have some fun

With a ball pool, hanging balls and a lot of interactions the dogs don´t have time to stop in this room.
It´s ball playing time, the dream room of all dogs!

ROOM 3: Forest and instincts

A place inspired in a forest where the dogs can work their scent, play with logs and hunt small animals (don´t worry! Stuffed toys only!!!!)

ROOM 4: Zen room

Because everybody needs to take a break!


ROOM 5: Lounge room

This is the room where we all stay together. Here your dog will receive the basic training, play, relax and socialize, it’s here and in the yard that they spend most part of the day.


The fun outside, it´s a place where they do a lot:

Trampolin: well the name say it all.

Swimming pool: in the hotter days they can refresh here.

Agility section.


And much more.