Our Differentials..

·Unlimited fun included.

·Dogs in a group: Here we work in a box/cage free environment. All the dogs are introduced in the existing group, respecting individual limits and boundaries.
We don´t just keep your dog in a cage/small room, here the dogs will interact with other dogs with same energy and needs.

·Enriched environment: The place have been designed for the best usage of the dogs attending their needs for health, fun, exercise and socialization with agility yard, scent room, zen room, ball games, edible plants, etc..

·Water fountain: Always clean and fresh water running for the dogs.

·Online cameras: We provide the owners with online cameras that monitor the whole space and can be accessed all time. - On Hold.

·Basic training: We provide basic training for all the dogs, such as: sit, paw, wait and no. The reward can be a treat, a toy, verbal and physical praise.

·Activity schedule: Dog´s Ville have an activity schedule for each day of the week. The owner can have a copy and follow up the day activity.

·Adaptil treated environment: Adaptil is a synthetic pheromone that Scientific studies* have shown that helps to reduce the signs of stress in dogs and puppies exposed to challenging situations.

·Stress free entrance and exit: Dog´s Ville has been planned to have a no stress entrance and exit of the dog, we work with vibrating door bell and wall

·Go-pro of the week: A video clip featuring your dog point of view during the day.

·Feeding rooms: Your dog will eat alone in a small room. With this we avoid any kind of conflicts between the dogs and they can eat safe and without any stress around them.

We can use special methods to feed your dog, for both, fast or slow eaters. Talk to us to know more about this.

·Special food and medicine: If your dog need to eat any especial food or take any medicines along the day, we can do this free of any charges.