The DayCare...

The daycare is an excellent way to give dogs the socialization and exercise to meet their needs.

Daycare helps dogs learn appropriate interactions with humans and other dogs. Dogs also gain lots of exercise by playing with other dogs, toys and staff. This allows the dogs to stimulate both mind and body.
Dog´s Ville gives dogs a chance to be part of a group in a safe, monitored environment, when their owners are not around.

Dogs come to daycare to have fun, but in order to maintain a safe environment, they also need to play by the rules that we set for them.

At Dog´s Ville, we believe that it is important for dogs to have structure in their playtime, and not think that they can do what they want, when they want, and how they want. Through the use of basic command practice and positive reinforcement methods, the dogs learn that good behavior brings good rewards (play, treats, verbal and physical praise). We have found that using positive reinforcement methods, the dogs actually want to learn and are eager to please. While appropriate behaviors are reinforced, inappropriate behaviors are disciplined, through the use of time outs or loss of play. By consistently applying these techniques, we can help ensure that every dog had a fun and safe experience while at daycare.


Complete vaccination.

4 months old.

Good Health, the dog can have some chronic disease as osteoporosis for example, but no contagious disease, if he gets sick and is a client he has to stay at home while sick.

Neutered: We give preference and in general recommend to all males and females to be neutered/spayed.

If the female is not neutered and get in heat she has to stay home all the period plus a “safe week” without any refund. For males we just accept VERY calm males that don´t show sexual behaviors.

Good behavior: with exception of a few dogs we decide with the owner that will be worked to be socialized, the dogs to join the day care have to be socials, what that means? They can live with other dogs and humans in a peaceful manner.


The first step after getting a spot in the line is come to a free test day, in this day we will evaluate the dog and dog needs and how he can be inserted in the group, and talk to the owner about the chance of success and possible obstacles.

Then begins the in-schooling itself it can last from 1 day to 2 weeks, all these period is free of charge as the times the dog will stay begins very short and extend gradually.